t e s t i m o n i a l s

Over the years, the Foreign Students' Registry (FSR) Office (University of Delhi) has proved to be remarkable, hassle free single admission window into the various programmes in the University.

Smoothly gaining my first admission for my Master of Comparative Laws (M.C.L) degree programme (Law Faculty - 2012-2014) through FSR Office created that testimonial first impression.

With that firsthand knowledge of DU as a globally reputed University, I returned in 2015/2016 session and currently undergoing PhD research programme in Law.

My experience has been generally a good one. The university community is intellectually accommodating, engaging and interesting.

I sincerely commend the FSR Office. I will recommend Delhi University to my friends because it is suitable and affordable. Moreover, Delhi University is a safe haven for many international scholars, like me, who desire to break grounds in their chosen career.

Okoronkwo, Hyginus Uchenna (Nigerian)

I am Master of Comparative Laws (M.C.L) postgraduate of Faculty of Law, currently I am continuing with my Ph.D. I was highly satisfied with the quality of education I received at University of Delhi during my MCL for that reason I have come back to continue my studies.

It was a life-changing experience to become a part of University of Delhi. University of Delhi is a small world to me, I got an opportunity to learn more than only law. Here, I discovered religious and cultural diversity, here I made friends for life. As I mentioned above, university provides quality education and it is not expensive to study at the University of Delhi, another very important reason is the student safety, which is provided by university with the help of International Student's House both, for the men and women.

For foreign students, very important role plays Foreign Students' Registry (FSR). And I would like to take this as an opportunity to express my gratitude to all the members of Foreign Students' Registry (FSR) for supporting, encouraging and for giving many opportunities to international students of Delhi University. During the past many years, the orientation and all the events organized by Foreign Students' Registry (FSR) gave opportunity to meet and interact with unique individuals from different parts of the world and divergent cultural backgrounds; the Foreign Students' Registry (FSR) is truly a hub in which civilizations converge.

The journey doesn't end by completing your studies at the University of Delhi, with the degree of the University of Delhi you have key of fortune for the career growth everywhere in the world.

Anush Gasparyan
Ph.D Scholar at the Faculty of Law
From the Republic of Armenia

Delhi university's educational life has helped my whole personal development, it has truly developed me into well- rounded person. I can testify that I am way different from what I was five years ago when I commenced my journey at the University socially, academically and professionally.

I would describe DU as dynamic and exciting, ranks among top ten universities in India and excels across four areas of teaching, research, employability and internationalisation. DU has given me confidence and taught me to never stop yearning for knowledge. It is not an exaggeration to say that every single day I learn something tangibly new and important.

My advise to prospective students is to embrace the experience as it will enrich your view towards a diverse culture of India. I would also encourage every new student to explore as many new things as possible, get involved into different societies and extra curricular activities that University offers.

Studying in University of Delhi, turns students into leaders, dreams into reality and ambitions into achievements.

Spouzhmai Akberzai

I strongly want to encourage all foreigners to apply to the Delhi University for your academic enhancement being it your Bachelors , Masters or PhD Degrees. Delhi University is one of the leading premier institutions in India that offers a wide array of courses to suit your future career. Studying at Delhi University has made me the person i am today.

Ritesh Tularam,
from Guyana, South America
PhD Scholar in Education